About Specialized:
Specialized is the global leader in the designing and manufacturing of high performing technologically advanced bicycles, components and cycling apparel for world champion riders and cycling enthusiasts. Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, Specialized is a global company with offices throughout the world.Our Vision 
At Specialized, we are driven by one vision that is as simple as it is bold:Be the best cycling brand in the world.To be the best means surpassing all others in how we meet the needs and demands of the rider. This does not mean being the biggest. If we concentrate on being the best, success will follow. Being the best applies to everything that bears the Specialized name: bikes, equipment, services and our people. This is not a destination but a constant and exhaustive journey.Our Culture & ValuesPEOPLE
We are all—staff, riders, retailers—the lifeblood. We must better ourselves and the world we live in through association with our brand and the health sport of cycling.TECHNOLGY & DESIGN
Our bikes and equipment must include purposeful improvements with true performance benefits that are born from acute rider insight and empathy. Our design must appeal to our core enthusiast and reflect a keen aesthetic point of view.QUALITY & VALUE
Our bikes and equipment must stand up to the use of riders who tax the limits. We must exceed rider expectations in both quality of product and quality of service. And our products must be perceived as worth the money, no matter how much or little the customer actually spends.PERFORMANCE
Our bikes and equipment must outperform other brands in the way they look, feel and ride.FOCUS
By cycling, we mean participation in the joy, fun and healthy physical exertion that is the movement of body and bike. It is who we are and why we exist. If a product or service has no relevance to cycling, it is not Specialized.CONSTANT INNOVATION 
Cycling is always being reinvented. What if 25 years ago we had dismissed mountain biking as a crazy fad? We are not purists. We love anything to do with riding a bike, in any form or fashion. And we are at the forefront of reinventing cycling and exploring new ways of how to make bikes a central part of people’s daily lives.

The Specialized Brand is more than just a logo. It’s a promise to our customers and our dealers that we will always create with an intuitive understanding of what the discerning rider needs and wants—in design and innovation.

While we are informed by our California roots, Specialized is a global company. All communications and Brand identity must transcend language and cultures.

We are advocates for trail responsibility and for cyclists’ rights. In a time of rapid climate change, we are working hard to promote cycling as a healthier form of transit— healthier for the riders and healthier for the planet.

There are no options here. We are Specialized, we know who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. And we will be The best cycling